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On 19th December 2012, the European Commission has adopted its proposal to revise the Tobacco Products Directive which treats e-cigarettes as though they are medicines ! The Directive places most non-tobacco nicotine products, like e-cigarettes, under the highly restrictive regulation regime used for medicinal products. All the e-liquids with nicotine density above 4mg/ml will be considered medical products and depending on the attitude of medicines regulators, this Directive will ban or marginalize the e-cigarettes and its users!

More information about the Commission proposal :

After the Directive is adopted by the European Parliament, you can buy harmful tobacco cigarettes anytime you want, whatever brand you want, available almost everywhere…but if you want to buy 99% less harmful e-liquids for your vaping device you will find only liquids with maximum 4mg/ml nicotine and probably only a few brands…How can EU vote such an unfair and discriminatory regulation for vapors?

So it is time to protect your right as a European citizen and make your voice heard!!! Tell the European Parliament members your story, how electronic cigarettes helped you quit smoking and make them understand that forbidding much safer alternatives will determine people to either lapse back to smoking or never be able to try these ways of giving up smoking! Tell them that these devices are a potential life-saver for people who can’t give up nicotine-like yourself- and this alternative for tobacco cigarettes should be encouraged and promoted not restricted!

If we, the vapers, are united and make our voice heard maybe the members of the European Parliament will vote against this absurd art. 3.7. Nicotine containing products (NCP) of the Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the approximation of the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the member States concerning the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco and related products 2012/0366 (COD).

What can you do???

  1. As Clive Bates wrote on his blog, we should write petitions to our members of the European Parliament. You can find all the details perfectly described on his blog about writing to your MP
  2. You can also write directly to the European Parliament!!! According to Article 227 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union any citizen, acting individually or jointly with others, may at any time exercise his right of petition to the European Parliament. Such petitions give the European Parliament the opportunity of calling attention to any infringement of a European citizen's rights. The Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament is composed of 34 Members and is headed by a Chairman and 4 Vice-Chairmen.

To submit your petition to the European Parliament  (Committee on Petitions) follow the link:

The petition must be written in one of the official languages of the European Union ( 23 official languages of all the 27 member states of the European Union)!

Just follow the steps:

  • Step 1: Name and address. Give as many data you can so the petition will be authentic and registered;
  • Step 2: Information concerning the petition.

Subject of the petition must be concerned with issues of European Union interest or responsibility, in this case consumer protection and your rights as a European citizen, as set out in the Treaties. You should write about your experience as a vaper, why do you think the proposed Directive will limit your rights or will be discriminatory (for example, the smokers will not be restrained as vapors in choosing products available on the market and also there are no limits of nicotine and other poisonous substances for tobacco cigarettes as they are for e-liquids) and what you think should be done.

Be concise, be polite and don’t pre-judge the purpose of the Directive as a whole, just refer to the art.3.7. Nicotine containing products (NCP) which is highly restrictive for you as a consumer. Do not forget to mention the name/code of the Proposal for a Directive (listed above) and the article. Remember , your petition can be on the table of the members of the European Parliament that will vote for the Directive! Try to convince them to vote against the limitation of nicotine containing products with your best words and your experience as a vaper!


It will only take a few minutes but your petition can influence the future of your life as an electronic cigarettes user!