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Wizard Wizard Wizard Wizard
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Wizard is the smallest and lightest mod in the world, an exclusive mod made for those who appreciate the finesse of detail, the quality materials, the unique touch mechanism and more.
Made entirely out of high quality implant grade titanium. It has no moving parts, uses a touch sensor activation. Protection for the sensor is not activated accidentally in your pocket. This protection is a titanium ring that rotates to cover the sensor.
Wizard can be considered a jewel because of the high prices of raw materials, electronics, but also the processing that requires a fine jeweler.
Series production is limited. Each Wizard is marked with a serial number and bears the inscription "Made in Romania" & "Markbugs product"
We recommend using batteries with protection, it can handle 4A for a period of approx. 4 seconds.
The battery must be placed in with the "+" up.
Compatible with all 510 model atomisers and cartomisers.
To use other type of atomiser  you need an adapter type 510-ego.
Size:  S - for 18350 batteries, M - for 18500 batteries and L - for 18650 batteries
Height: L = 88mm, M = 70mm, S = 57mm
Diameter: 21mm
Weight: L = 37g, M = 32g, S = 27g
1-year excluding threads.
Please read:
In order to ensure a good electrical conductivity, we recommend the cleaning of the interior of the tube, threads  and spring with alcohol, and also the application of Noalox on the spring and thread. 
For the Touch type sensor, activated upon finger contact, in case of persons with very dry skin, there is a possibility that the electrical circuit will not be activate. 
The screwing of the atomizer on the mod should not be forced, please screw it on just enough to make contact. Upon un-screwing, please hold the upper part of the mod with your hand (including the top that bears the protection ring) and un-screw gently. Do not apply force when screwing / un-screwing into / out of the mod.
Please be aware that the forceful screwing of the mod, used with other, longer thread atomizers, may lead to the severe damaging of the mod.
Please be advised that, upon shipment, in order to abide all laws and regulations, we must declare the true value of the package we are sending you. Therefore, depending on your country of residence, local customs and other taxes may apply when you receive your package.
We cannot influence such legal local matters in any way. What we can do however from our part, is to offer all our non-EU customers an extra token of appreciation for their purchase. Hence, we have decided to ship all our non-EU orders via courier service, probably UPS (we are offering free shipping anyway), which means delivery should take place within 5 working days, irrespective of your location.
Please be advised that, if you are living in a country where the electronic cigarettes are forbiden, you are ordering on your own risc, we can not help you if there will be any issues with you local customs.