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Wand Wand Wand Wand
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The Wand will enchant you with the following features:

- Titanium Genesis type atomizer
- Plexiglas tank capacity: 3,5 ml
- Diameter: 21 mm
- Height: 40 mm
- Weight: 28g
- Thread: 510 (the contact between the Wand and the mod is silver plated)
- Drip tip: 510
- System for connecting the heating element (the two screws can be handled manually or mechanically with a screwdriver)
- System for fine tuning the air flow the enters the vapors chamber
- Adjustable central screw (rotating around its axis in order to reduce the distance between the mesh and the contact of the heating element / mechanism on + )
- Adjustable 'W' window and air hole position (can be rotated to align with any part of your mod)
- The mesh (wick) hole is 3.5mm without the insulation and 2.5mm with insulation
- The filling hole will play a double role: to fill the tank and also help you control the air flow into the tank
Warranty: 1 year