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Wizard's Apprentice EVOLVED II DNA 40
Wizard's Apprentice EVOLVED II DNA 40 Wizard's Apprentice EVOLVED II DNA 40 Wizard's Apprentice EVOLVED II DNA 40 Wizard's Apprentice EVOLVED II DNA 40
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Wizard's Apprentice EVOLVED II DNA 40

Limited Edition
Stainless steel mod with DNA40 latest version, that will probably match all 18650 rechargeable batteries above 12A maximum discharge current. 
Length: depends on the battery size: min=113mm max=114.5mm 
Diameter: 21 mm  
The 4 main components:
1. Top cap
2. Part containing the electronic board
3. Battery tube
4. Adjustable bottom cap  
1. Top cap 
This is the part containing the 510 thread for the connection with the atomizer, now with the flat top (21mm).
 The contact with the atomizer is done through an adjustable pin, now with a larger screw, that can be removed only by unscrewing the top cap (it is virtually impossible to lose).
 It has an attractive design on the upper part, that also have a functional purpose, that of allowing the air flow to enter into atomizers that have air holes in the thread.
 The connection between the Top Cap and the electronic board segment is hidden by one of the three glossy lines, thus making the connection invisible.
This part is to be removed making the entire set-up look like a hybrid model with the GEM.  
2. Electronic board segment 
This section includes three glossy lines in its design, out of which one is common with the Top Cap (in the joining area).  
It is the part that contains the DNA40 board.
On one side is the screen, covered with plexi glass, that blends well with the smooth stainless steel.  On the other side, there are the three buttons with glossy finishing, as well as the Wizard's Apprentice Evolved (WAE) logo.  
The electronic board is now fixed to the tube by two threaded rings, made in-house, for a better fastening and a perfect look, these two rings having two slots meant to facilitate their un-screwing and reaching the electronic board ( only the manufacturer is alowed to, otherwise the warranty will be lost).
More detalis about the DNA40 can be found here
3. Two battery tubes for 18650 and 18500  batteries  
This components keep the same design as the original Wizard's Apprentice Evolved II, with a slight delve from 21mm to 20.6 mm and the two glossy lines that help hide the joining with the electronics and bottom cap. The novelty here is that the thread towards the bottom is now modified, being extended, in order to allow the bottom cap to be screwed more or less depending on the used battery.  
4. Bottom cap 
This part keeps the same design as the original Wizard's Apprentice Evolved II in general.
On the bottom, there is the 'Made in Romania' sign, along with the serial number, second version 'II' and 40 ( from DNA 40) and the three ventilation holes.
Inside of the bottom cap you will notice that there is no spring, only a small platform higher  with a few tenths of a millimeter, that will make the contact directly with the battery, thus eliminating the possibility of creating imperfect connections due to the spring.  
The glossy part under the thread is now larger, and will be seen as larger or smaller depending on the length of the battery used.  
The Bottom Cap  will be screwed on until it will make contact with the battery, not forced screwing.
WAE II DNA40- will be shipped world wide. The price is EUR 250, including  free shipping via UPS (express saver delivery) and free PayPal fee.  
1-year excluding threads 
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Also note that we have experienced customs' issues in several countries, due to local regulations (ex. Brazil, Russia, Israel), and these orders had to be cancelled.
We cannot influence such legal local matters in any way. What we can do however from our part, is to offer all our non-EU customers an extra token of appreciation for their purchase. Hence, we have decided to ship all orders via courier service, namely UPS (we are offering free shipping anyway), which means delivery should take place within 5 working days, irrespective of your location. 
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