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Chalice II
Chalice II Chalice II Chalice II Chalice II
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Extra screws:



Chalice II



Chalice is the first repairable bottom feeder atomizer in the world. It is the perfect tool to transform simple liquid into a unique, magical-like vaping experience.

For this run we will have only satin version and two extra screws will be included in the set for every Chalice II bought .

Free shipping world wide.

Made out of stainless steel, all its parts are 100% designed and produced in-house. The final design was chosen by our fans from different options presented in a public poll on our facebook page. The top scoring 2 versions were then introduced into series production and are available on our website.

Chalice uses a 510 thread, and will thus fit almost all bottom feeder mods that use a similar 510 thread.

Size: 49 mm x 14 mm



1. no wire connecting the battery to the atomizer - cancelling the risks of the wire getting broken, burnt, or causing short-circuits;

2. the two internal screw posts and the corresponding screws are made out of implant grade Titanium;

3. the feeding pipe is Silver plated;

4. the screws can be turned using a screwdriver;

5. the two holes from the posts, where the heating element is fixed, now have a larger diameter (for easier set up)

6. we will offer separately for sale, if needed, a 510-510 adapter - it is also produced by us and ensures compatibility between the Chalice and most MOD sizes.
This adaptor has 2 types of adjustments possible:
- the actual contact between the MOD and Chalice (this contact is Silver plated as well)
- a height-adjustable ring, meant to ensure a better look (no spaces left empty in between, that might have bothered a very critical eye)


1. Place the Chalice on the battery holder (your box mod).
2. Un-screw the cone from the base of Chalice.
3. The two screws have holes for the heating element to be inserted. Un-screw the two screws.
4. Place the wick between the two screws and the heating element ends in the holes of the screws.
5. Screw back the two screws  
Attention - there is no need for force or excessive tightening. The heating element only needs to get in contact. Forced excessive screwing may lead to contact impairment and implicitly the atomizer will not function.
6. After the wick is set up, it is humidified with 2-3 drops of liquid.
7. Burn the wick a few times (2-3 seconds per usage) in order to allow the liquid to penetrate easier into the silica / oxidized mesh
8. Screw the cone back on the base
and... enjoy!

Warranty: 1 year

Please be advised that, upon shipment, in order to abide all laws and regulations, we must declare the true value of the package we are sending you. Therefore, depending on your country of residence, local customs and other taxes may apply when you receive your package.
We cannot influence such legal local matters in any way. What we can do however from our 
part, is to offer all our non-EU customers an extra token of appreciation for their purchase. Hence, we have decided to ship all orders via courier service, namely UPS (we are offering free shipping anyway), which means delivery should take place within 5 working days, irrespective of your location. 
All orders will be processed and shipped within 5 working days from placement.
Please be advised that, if you live in a country where the electronic cigarettes are forbidden, you are ordering on your own risk, we can not help you if there will be any issues with you local customs.