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The brand new and improved version of the Wizard, the Wizard EVOLVED is now enhanced with the perfect tool to make your experience even more special: the Evolv DNA 20D!
The tube mod includes the top quality DNA 20D, that allows one to adjust between 7W and 20W, according to preference. With the Wizard EVOLVED in your hands, you now have the chance to try probably the smallest and lightest Mod (it is made from top quality implant grade Titanium) with DNA 20D, with the smallest variable wattage.
Beta tests were performed by the creators of the electronic board from Evolv, all were passed with flying colors and excellent feedback.
Wizard EVOLVED has three parts:
1. The top cap
This is the location of the electronic board, that is engraved, has a 510 thread on its upper part and an elegant lines&circle arches design, whose functionality is to let the air to enter into atomizers that have air holes in the thread. 
The well finished and positioned display is located on one side, protected by transparent plexi glass, and opposite the display the three buttons can be found: +, - & 'fire'.
The MarkBugs logo appears on the display when the top cap is screwed on the main body, with the battery inside.
2. The main body
This is the slightly curved, sleek looking tube with the 'Wizard EVOLVED' engraving, perfectly aligned with the three buttons.
3. The bottom cap
This is the location of the spring. 
On the side, the stylish engraving 'We' is nicely aligned with the display screen.
On the bottom part there are three ventilation holes and also the serial number of every Mod, of course along with the "Made in Romania" inscription.
The Wizard EVOLVED comes in 2 sizes:
- L - for 18650 batteries (AW IMR are the ones we recommend using). Size L has a length of 114mm and a weight of only 51gr;
- M - for 18490 batteries (AW IMR are the ones we recommend using). Size M has a length of 99 mm and a weight of only 50gr.
Both size versions have a satin finishing, while the buttons and some of the lines were kept polished, thus making the final design a special elegant blend of textures for your enjoyment and style.
For more details and technical characteristics of the DNA 20D electronic board, 
1-year excluding threads 
Atention: when inserting the battery in, always keep im mind that the "+" has to face the top cap and "-" the bottom cap (the spring), if you will insert it in the opposite  way will damage the  DNA 20D ant this issue will not be covered by the warranty.
This is a device for advance users, if you are not please do not buy.
Please be advised that, upon shipment, in order to abide all laws and regulations, we must declare the true value of the package we are sending you. Therefore, depending on your country of residence, local customs and other taxes may apply when you receive your package.
We cannot influence such legal local matters in any way. What we can do however from our 
part, is to offer all our non-EU customers an extra token of appreciation for their purchase. Hence, we have decided to ship all orders via courier service, namely UPS (we are offering free shipping anyway), which means delivery should take place within 5 working days, irrespective of your location. 
All orders will be processed and shipped within 5 working days from placement.
Please be advised that, if you live in a country where the electronic cigarettes are forbidden, you are ordering on your own risk, we can not help you if there will be any issues with you local customs.