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Chalice III
Chalice III Chalice III Chalice III Chalice III
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Chalice III

Chalice III
Is a bottom feeding atomiser made from stainless steel, the third version of the Chalice and can be used also for dripping.
OD: 13.9mm
Height: 27.7 mm ( excluding drip tip and 510 conection)
Chalice III is composed from five distinct parts:
1. The base contains:
- 510 connection
- removeble feeding bar plated with silver ( if some how the juice floods the interior of the base a 2mm hex key can be used to remove the feeding pipe and allow the base to be washed an cleaned
- the + and - posts are now diffrent from the previous versions, are threaded and also on top of them the nuts are the ones that will fix the wire.
- same curved surface under the posts ( for the excess juice to go back into the feeding bottle)
- the wick and coil will not be placed like before between the post, now the coil will be facing  the air hole and you can play with its position the way you like for more vapor, more flavor, TH, etc.
2. The middle cap:
- is the cap which screws on top of the base
- it is engraved with the "Chalice III" logo
- on its upper part has 3 air holes 
- on the lower inside part of it has the 2mm hole that will provide the air for the coil
3. The top cap is made from 2 parts:
- the polished ring wich will allow to adjust the air flow 
- the adapter for the drip tip
4. The drip tip
- OD: 9 mm
- made from to parts polished ( the upper part  ) and satin
- it holds two orings 
Chalice III comes with free shipping & Paypal fee for all orders.

Warranty: 1 year


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